Loving God, following Jesus, serving community

Ground Floor

The Cafe - a bridgegfp 

A "cafe" is shown on the drawings taking up a large proportion of the front of the building.  This will be so much more than just a place to buy food and drink.

Reflecting our beliefs for a more just world, the food or drink served will be as ethically sourced as possible.  Profit will not be the primary purpose.  Developing the ministry started with our Saturday morning "Stop and Snack", this will be a place where people have the time to sit and be listened to. We will also encourage use of the facility for activities or meetings which are suited to a more informal setting. 

The cafe is also integerated with the activities happening in the other parts of the building.  Whether it be visiting the chapel, the main auditorium upstairs, interview rooms, etc. people pass through or next to the cafe which can be used as an initial meeting point: the bridge.

Interview /Seminar Room

A number of our community partners require separate rooms where they can meet with people to provide advice.

Small Chapel

As the main auditorium upstairs will often be used for other events, the small chapel provides a place where people can always find peace whilst the building is open.  We currently hold a "shoppers' service" every Friday lunchtime.  This will continue and hopefully be extended using the new small chapel as a base.

Church Office

The administrative functions for the building, cafe and church will take place here.

Hall 1 & Kitchen

The ground floor hall provides a medium size space for our community partners and other groups to hold activities, seminars, and other events.  The adjoining fully- appointed kitchen allows for large scale catering in the hall or specific food skills based activities.

Community Rooms

These are the main areas where our partners will conduct their activities.  The majority of our partners are small local charities who will use the rooms as administrative bases, to hold meetings and to meet with those they help, and to plan their work in the wider community.     

Front Entrance Lobby

Opening straight on to the busiest part of Poole High Street, this is the main entrance to the old part of the building including the cafe and upstairs auditorium.


A wide foyer with feature skylights provides the main access into the new rear building.  It also serves as level disabled access for the old building which formerly did not have this capability.  In addition it will serve as an exhibition space and meeting point.

Adult Change

The ground floor disabled toilet will eventually incorporate an adult changing facility, something which is rare in Poole town centre.


It may seem from the large number on the plans that Poole Methodists love staircases!  Of course we do, but actually these are all required for the safe evacuation of the upper floor, which must, of course, be our primary concern when designing the new building.  A full size lift is provided for those who love stairs less.

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