Loving God, following Jesus, serving community

First Floor

Main Auditorium / Sanctuary

ffpThis is the place where the church will hold its services on Sundays and at other times.  Christians like to call this room the "sanctuary" probably because that makes it sound more holy!  But this will only actually be a small part of its use.  One of our parners is a local drama and music society.  The auditorium will be designed to also function as a medium sized venue and rehearsal area.  Seating capacity will be about 250. 

As the biggest room in the building, it will be used by our partners and others for seminars, conferences, health clinics and even sports.

Using the "sanctuary" for other events does not detract from its "holiness".  God is where people are, so the more use the space gets, the more God is present.

Community rooms

These are the main areas where our partners will conduct their activities. The majority of our partners are small local charities who will use the rooms as administrative bases, to hold meetings and to meet with those they help, and to plan their work in the wider community.

Hall 2 and Kitchen

On Sunday mornings these rooms will be used for our youth activities.  During weekdays a not-for-profit creche facility will make use of the hall and adjoining child sized toilets. Children can be left safely whilst parents visit one of the organisations housed or events taking place within the building, or in the town centre.

At other times this hall will be hired out for functions or by clubs, etc.  The smaller kitchen also enables catered events and can be linked (via movable hot cupboard and the lift) to the larger kitchen below, opening up the possibility for larger multi-hall events.

Store Rooms

Good storage is one of the keys to having truly adaptable rooms.  If the main auditorium and halls are to be used for various functions, then relatively large stores are needed to house scenery, chairs, worship furniture, etc   

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