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Sea Change - The Poole Methodists' Development Project

h Poole Methodists are redeveloping their church on the High Street where around 10,000 people a day walk by.

We want to see new facilities and offer more opportunities to more people.  We will offer an inviting place to gather at the heart of the community for all the community.

The plans include: offices for use by outside organisations, rooms for meetings, consultations and interviews, a large adaptable auditorium with over 200 seats, a child friendly environment, baby change and adult change facilities, catering services, IT room, and function halls – all combined with a willingness to listen and facilitate where possible the needs of the community.

To turn vision into reality, Poole Methodists need to raise £4 million and we are committed to raising half of this amount through sale of assets and various other fundraising ideas.

We believe we have a tremendous vision for our community that represents wonderful possibilities for the people of Poole  - and we hope that you do too.  Why not get involved and become a Friend of Poole Methodists?

On behalf of Poole Methodists' members,

Revd Mark Kimber

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