Loving God, following Jesus, serving community

peopleOur Vision 

Our belief:

At Poole Methodists we believe that the church is all about the people, not the buildings.  As our "strap line" suggests, if we are serious about "loving God" and "following Jesus", then we should be "serving the community" around us.   In non-churchy language, we should be helping people because that's what God wants us to do.   And where is the best place to help people?  Where people already are. 

high streetOur first steps:

Poole Methodists is very fortunate to have a property right in the pedestrian heart of Poole town centre.  Thousands of people walk past it every day - the people are there! The ageing facilities are struggling to serve the present age, and recently we had to stop using the church building when it became unsafe. Five Methodist churches within a few miles of Poole town centre have joined together, pooling resources, with the eventual aim of moving back to a new and improved High Street location.  The granted planning permission is the first step in this return. 

Our challenge:

Poole Methodists realise that the Church is seen as less relevant in the modern world.  We are also aware that declining numbers does not mean fewer needs in our communities. Our experience is that keeping in touch with the spirtual side of life is beneficial for all types of people.   We are not going to preach from street corners to try to prove this.  We are going to try to act in a way which makes people say "the church really does make a difference".  That is our challenge.


Our vision:

So, our vision is simply to use the rejuvenated High Street premises to help make a difference to the people of Poole and the wider world.  Simple to state, but not simple to achieve!

 The Spire

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